Because I am . . .

Albert-Productions is in the research phase of a new project entitled ‘Because I am’.


‘Because I am’ will explore the causes and effects of abuse on all forms, from all perspectives and will be presented as a series of monologues and duologues – some of a linear format, others created for the purposes of a sensory effect for the audience.


The piece will be written and developed by Actor/Director Lucy Laing, who most recently directed Blue/Orange at the Rialto Theatre for Brighton Fringe 2017.


We are seeking individuals who are happy to talk about their own experiences of deception, assault and abuse. Please note all information disclosed will be treated as confidential and any material produced for the purposes of performance that directly relate to your story will be issued to you for final approval. All names will be changed for the purposes of performance.


Please contact us via our website or through our facebook page.